Frosthold, situated in the mountains, is a large castle, ready to be explored. It's currently available to download on my Ko-Fi page.

Apart from the castle, new updates and expansions have expanded the map outside the castle. Deep Beneath brings a whole new underground area for exploration.

The new Enhanced Edition of Frosthold brings many small changes to the map. It enhances old areas and adds new ones. The Enhanced Edition of the map feels like a complete experience. It updates the map to the new version of Minecraft 1.19.2

Game Version Change
- Updated for Minecraft 1.19.2+

NEW LOCATIONS - check below for more information
- The Outer Gate
- The Birch Forest
- The Sewer System

NEW ITEMS - check below for more information
- 2 new Armor Sets
- 2 new Weapons

- Fixed inconsistencies with the Towers after the "Tower Update". Now you can actually access the new parts of the towers.
- General Cleanup of the world. I had left some stuff after working on The Deep Beneath. Those are now removed.
- Terrain Improvements.
- Fixed mountains above the "Deep Beneath" area.
- The book of Ko-Fi supporters has been removed. It's not realistically feasible for me to update it often.
- Other miscellaneous changes...

The Enhanced Edition of Frosthold includes all previous updates and the "Deep Beneath" expansion. Check the version history below for more information about the changes those updates bring. 



The Sewer system feels like a labyrinth with many different rooms to explore. There are a few entrances to the Sewer System. The main entrance is just outside Frosthold's main gate, on the left. Do not confuse it with the "Outer Gate" the enhanced edition adds. It can also be accessed through the Tavern, the throne room, the dungeons and even through The Deep Beneath. 


A new outer gate has been built in the same style as the main castle.  I didn't want it to feel too outlandish from the architecture already established. The area felt really barren and an Outer Gate felt like the perfect choice. It has interior that you can enter and explore. 


Outside the Outer Gate you can find another area - The Birch Forest. There you can find bees and some loot in a cave.


The Enhanced Edition of the map adds 2 new Legendary Item sets and 2 new weapons. These are very powerful artifacts that you as the player can find around Frosthold. The Relentless set is exclusively found around the Deep Beneath area, while the Dragonscale set is exclusively found around Frosthold and The Sewers. Chests containing the items are marked with purple carpet or purple wool.

Version History

Frosthold - Update #3

Hello! I'm still working on Pinefield but I just felt like the towers in Frosthold are rather lacking something. This update gives them a small upgrade. Hope you enjoy it!


Deep Beneath Expansion

(Update 2)

Deep Beneath
Recent earthquakes have opened a way to the Deep Beneath. Shrouded in perpetual darkness, these caves were long forgotten until now. What's lurking in the shadows?

Hey everyone!

The new update for Frosthold is here and it's titled "Deep Beneath". I'd like to call this an expansion to the map rather than a small update. It's much larger than the original version and it took much longer than anticipated. I had to learn new techniques on how to create caves and I'm somewhat satisfied with the results. Many of the future updates will have a connection to this place. I already have a few ideas for future updates, but I prefer to keep them a secret for now. In case you don't want the caves, separate download links for previous versions is available on my Ko-Fi page.

"Deep Beneath" changelog:
- Dwarven Entrance - The Caves are accessed through the Dwarven Entrance
- The Bridge - This is the first cave that connects the entrance to the main cave.
- The Temple - This is the main cave that connects to every other and it includes a large pyramid temple.
- The Lava Pits - Large lava cave
- The Crystal Fortress - A small castle located in The Lava Pits with Supporter Chamber.
- A small encampment between "The Temple" and "The Lava Pits"
- Nature's Wrath - A small overgrown ravine that "The Temple", "The Lava Pits" and "The Bridge"
- A flooded empty cave with treasure at the bottom. This one is supposed to be empty and allow the player to build there.
- Replaced bedrock layer at y:0 with stone.

What's next?
As much as I love how Frosthold turned out, I'm taking a step back from it to do another project. I won't abandon it, but there won't be any new content for it until I release another map, or made some progress on another map. 

My next project is quite different. I will try and include some of the stuff from my "Caelum" project as I can't release the full map. Of course there will be more than that. See you at summer camp, or perhaps somewhere else, somewhere magical!

Frosthold - Update #1

Hey everyone! While working on this update, I received my first donation on Ko-Fi - Thanks! 

Here's the first update of Frosthold.

Update #1 entails a small fishing place and a frozen lake, right of the main entrance bridge. It comes with 2 buildings, full interiors and a tiny secret place to find.