Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't like a certain map. Can I get a refund on Ko-Fi?
A: I will not refund purchases if you don't like a map, since there is no way for me to get the maps you downloaded back. I'd rather people look at supporting me as a donation and not as purchasing a service. The "maps" come as a benefit to it. When donating you are certifying that you own the funds and acknowledge all donations are non-refundable. 

Q: Can I see a map before I subscribe to your Ko-Fi?
A: Unfortunately I can't let you see it in-game. I can't let people join my private server as they might download my world with a World Downloader mod. There's now way for me to guarantee someone won't just download all of my maps. I also have other privacy/security concerns.

I think I've provided enough screenshots/videos of my projects. I'd rather people subscribe to my Ko-Fi to support me, as a creator, not to just download my maps. If you still hesitate whether you want to support me to download my maps, I'd rather you go support someone else or purchase a different map elsewhere.

Q: Do you accept commissions?
A: I don't take requests/commissions. I feel like it takes away from my creative freedom and if I do something I don't want to, I get burnt out very quickly. 

Q: Do you accept requests for free projects?
A: No. I don't have the time for it.

Q: Are your maps survival friendly?
A: Only some of them are. Read below.

Frosthold is 100% survival friendly. It's made on a default world generation. The custom mountains are made with World Edit.
Pinefield is not survival friendly. It's made in mind for roleplaying and exploration.
Exowrath is survival friendly. It has ores and lots of trees. Additionally you can find loot in chests around Rockhaven. My plan is to make it even more survival friendly in the future.

Q: What resource pack do you use?
A: It's a custom mix I made for personal use. I can't redistribute it but I can tell you where to find the textures and build it yourself. Look here.

Q: How do I play in Survival Mode?
A: If you don't spawn in Survival Mode by default and you're on single player, you can do the following:

Q: Leaves are falling off. What can I do?
A: Unless you're playing on a server with the World Guard plugin installed, there's not much you can do about it. It's called "Leaf Decay"