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The Northern Islands are a vast landmass in the northernmost part of Exowrath. Huge mountains to the North, a murky swamp to the South, the Birch Isles to the East and the windswept peninsula to the West. 

Coming very soon 

First look at my new Minecraft map called Pinefield. It's a mountainous region that includes many rural areas and the small town, famous for it's air balloons - Sky Haven!

Frosthold, situated in the mountains, is a large castle, ready to be explored. It's currently available on Ko-Fi.

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A small manor, located in a rocky environment. It's from a discontinued project I was working on a while ago. It's currently available for download on Planet Minecraft.

Moo North Network was my small Minecraft server, originally used for creating my builds, but later released publicly. Unfortunately the server shut down due to player inactivity.


Hot Air Balloons - Animals

I needed some hot air balloons for my next project and while struggling to create a realistic shape for the balloons I kind of gave up and decided to go with animal heads. I decided to share them and make them available for download. 

Custom Object Repository

I've been working on my next map and I made some custom objects to populate it. I've decided to release them for free so you can use them on your maps too. 

I'm not sure how many objects there are but you can download it and check it out by yourself.


Build Bundle

Starfall Arena

Medieval Lighthouse

Meowbeard's Tree Pack

Build Bundle #2

Beacon Ruins

Sky Islands Pack